Circular Economy Basics

What does circular economy mean?

You may or may not have heard the phrase circular economy. Simply put it is an economy based on a circle rather than a straight line.

Dame Ellen MacArthur gave a really inspiring Ted talk in 2015, talking about her solo sailing mission around the world, carrying everything she needed with her. Comparing the resources she had on board with her, to the world economy that uses the planets resources. These resources are finite, we have them once and when they run out, there are no more.

Coal, Oil, Natural Gas the resources that we rely on for heating, cooking, manufacturing, travel, shelter. We rely on these finite resources for life. But they will run out, they are part of a linear economy.

Wind, Solar, Hydro, Tidal these are some of the plants resources that are infinite. This means we can rely on these resources for energy, and all the uses of fossil fuels that humans need to survive. They can be part of a circular economy.


It’s not just about how we build and heat our homes. Every time you buy something and use it once, that is linear.


OK, so what can I do?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! (Jack Johnson wrote a song about it)

  • Reduce/Refuse single use products (carry your own coffee cups and carrier bags)
  • Reuse glass jars
  • Recycle cardboard packaging

The easiest ways to live a circular lifestyle at home:

Buy fruit and veg at farmers markets and avoid plastic packaging in supermarkets.


Take you own glass jars to dry food stores and refill.

Recycle more than you send to landfill.

Put food waste in the compost.


Bottom Line

The more you use the less resources the planet has left.

You might have heard about climate change… but I’ll leave that for another post.

So, jump on the zero waste band wagon. Try and use less single use plastic like food packaging and drinks bottles.


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