Shifting the conversation – Changing the system

We have to shift our focus in order to make a difference. It’s not just about turning off the tap when we brush our teeth or switching off the light when we leave a room… we have to slow down on all of our consumption. Water, Energy, Food, Clothes, Technology and obviously all the single use crap just needs to be eradicated immediately! Small changes by everyone can make a difference. We have to change the conversation. We have to change the system

I’ve taken a longer break than intended from writing anything for my blog. I have however been very active on Instagram. I’ve found that the pictures I take not only inspire me to write about the issues I care about but they inspire others to make sustainable-ish choices, even if it’s just buying (and using) a reusable mug, eating less meat; even if it’s just stopping to think more than normal about purchases.

Instead of struggling over and putting off an essay style blog post, I’ve decided to put together some of my Instagram posts for you. I’ve divided them into themes including “Less waste”, “Self sufficient” and “Cleaning up”.

“Shifting the conversation” brings together the more general points I make about changing the way we think, consume and behave. I hope you enjoy. It’s not in chronological order, but instead I’ve sub-themed and grouped together similar photos then combined what I wrote each time.

Nature; Lifestyle (and my trip to Berlin); Climate change; Consumption; Waste.

Enjoy, and please do get in touch with any thoughts, comments, feedback, critiques, compliments, etcetera…

I’ll start with Part 1 and share more in the upcoming weeks… 

Part 1


This was one of if not THE best view from my Wales trip. Taken on the drive back through Wales, a long drive but great views. Stunning sunset. It was definitely better than the drive up on the motorway, in the rain! Looking across all this beauty really makes you happy to be alive! No cables, no cars, no people in sight. Lots of sheep though. Did you know that sheep farming is pretty crap. Farmers need subsidies to make it worthwhile. Sheep eat everything down to the ground which is why it’s so sparse where they roam. Without all the sheep in Wales there would be more woodland and more diversity…. They’re cute though. 🐑

Just back from a week in Snowdonia. The latter part spent in this little pod in a field. Simple, quirky and rustic. We were lucky with the weather, only one day of rain. The last night was the best, we made a fire, cooked jacket potatoes in the embers, stayed up and watched the stars. Nature is better than tv any day. What’s your favourite nature escape? In a world where we are all busy running around fitting in life around work, (well I am for sure) and looking at screens, it’s really important that we stop and chill. And get back in touch with the natural world every now and then. That’s what our holiday was for. I only used my phone for a camera and music in the car. Other than that, the sounds of birds, grasshoppers and a crackling fire was the soundtrack of our trip. We did lots of reading and playing cards. And of course walking and exploring.


Focusing on the joy as per a lovely post by @zerowastechef I love spring. I love walks. I love dogs. I love sunshine. I love blossoms. I love trees.
Today I went on two dog walks. Did some gardening. And made a yummy dinner. The simple things in life are really worth cherishing.
Nature. Trees. Sunshine. Fresh air.
They are all why I bang on about using less plastic. Doing less. Buying less. Etc etc. Less is more in the sustainable world.

SPRING Why I’m trying it be more zero waste and to live sustainably…
NATURE Let’s respect and protect our lovely planet and everything on it.
Take the time to LOOK UP and around. Smell the fresh air and feel the sunshine on our faces. Lucky to be alive!

How great are #allotments ? I can’t wait to have one… fingers crossed for soon! There’s so many benefits to growing your own food: #Organic #Local #Healthy #Plasticfree You’re reducing your carbon footprint loads by growing your own food either at home or on an allotment. It’s local, no funny chemicals, no plastic, and not being exported and shipped around the globe for you! You can grow all sorts of variations of cucumbers and tomatoes, potatoes, squashes! And home grown always tastes the best! This local allotment was full to the brim with leafy green veggies! Which we all know are jam packed with all the good nutrients we need, iron, protein, magnesium… etc etc. I love seeing all the #sprouts and #cabbages grow! Beautifully natural and delicious. And of course, environmentally friendly!!


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